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For as long as most people can remember since Email became the norm, viruses have  been an everyday threat. Virus and spyware now especially cost companies tens of millions every year in repairs and the rate of infection is increasing at a truly alarming rate.

We developed our Mail Defender system to take care of the vast majority of the nasties out there. Extremely flexible, robust and intelligent scanning which helps ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime for your firm. This system also has the added benefit of web browser virus scanning, icing on the cake so to speak.

Our Mail Defender system is a combined Hardware/Software package that is a single box solution and is transparent to the rest of the office network. Simple to integrate in to most office scenarios, it provides an versatile solution to your mail filtering needs.

1st Call Mail Defender system requires no client input or upkeep as with a 1st Call Service Level Agreement in place, we will install key updates and undertake periodic maintenance and feature enhancements, either remotely or on site, as necessary.

The key features of this system are:

- Fully transparent to client Operating Systems as well as Email Client Software

- Virus and Spam scanning of incoming POP3 emails

- Virus and Spam scanning of incoming and outgoing SMTP emails

- Virus scanning of HTTP and FTP traffic

- 3 individual Scan Engines for greater detection

- Spam filtering via Bayesian filtering, SURBL, DNSBL, Razor, DCC, SARE Rulesets

- Blocks most Phishing and browser exploited websites

- Removes ads, banners, pop-ups and other junk from HTTP Traffic

- Ability to automatically download spam and ham emails from an imap folder to train the integrated Bayesian filter
(dramatically improves spam recognition, important for false positives and false negatives)

- Address Whitelist Facility with auto address addition ability

- Statistics logging

- Automatic AntiVirus signature updates

- Automatic AntiSpam ruleset updates

- User Notifications emails


While this is a fully functional package itself, it was designed to integrate seamlessly with our Web Defender system, giving you complete peace of mind for your firm's IT defences. Both our system can co-exist on 1 box, saving both space and electricity.

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