It's a simple fact that you can't always watch what your staff are doing when you aren't around and keeping productivity as high as possible from your staff is important. The simple fact is that most staff can't be trusted to not be distracted by everything there is on the internet to 'do'.

Now when it comes to Email, applying common sense to suspicious looking emails appearing their inboxes can be a problem. A lot of people tend to open them without even really looking and this can cause all sorts of Malware/Spyware/Virus damage if your system protection isn't up to par. With the huge amount of spam coming in these days it really does make it a minefield.

Using our specialist knowledge in this area, 1st Call Tech have 2 key products that we have put countless hours in to developing, optimizing and testing in real-world scenarios. We are proud to provide the following solutions for your Internet & Mail Filtering needs:

1st Call Web Defender (Click for details)

1st Call Mail Defender (Click for details)





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