1st Call Web Defender

Controlling employee’s internet activities as well as minimizing system damage through misuse is a growing challenge for all businesses and while there are packages available some are too basic, too convoluted or too ineffective to be of any real use and many are prohibitively expensive.

The 1st Call Web Defender System has been built it from the ground up, integrating the best/most useful features along with the toughest security & logging capabilities.

The 1st Call Web Defender system is a combined Hardware/Software package that is a single box solution and is transparent to the rest of the office network. Simple to integrate in to most office scenarios, it provides a versatile solution to your web filtering needs.

1st Call Web Defender has been fully tested and Clients have seen distinct improvements in office productivity within weeks of installing the system.

The 1st Call Web Defender system requires no client input or upkeep as with a 1st Call Service Level Agreement in place, we will install key updates and undertake periodic maintenance and feature enhancements, either remotely or on site, as necessary..

The key features of this system are:

- Fully transparent to client Operating Systems

- Advanced web filtering with support for custom site/intelligent keyword blocking as well as Custom Whitelist support

- Extensive Spyware/Malware site blocking

- Fully configurable port control

- Supports access control for IP-assigned filter bypassing if needed

- Supports time-based filtering rules

- Updates core filtering lists automatically every day

- Extensive filter category support, fully configurable

- Supports blocking of executable/compressed files

- Full logging of client browsing history

- Supports Microsoft/Symantec/Adobe update acceleration - Client Windows/AV update requests are silently intercepted and downloaded directly from the Web Defender caches, giving near-instant updates across the office and greatly reducing Internet bandwidth used

- DHCP client/server capable

- Dynamic DNS Compatible

- Full Web management along with SSH shell Support

- HTTP/FTP proxy (Transparent or Visible if needed)

- NTP server

- SSH server

- Traffic shaping support on WAN Interface

- Stateful firewall

- SNORT Intelligent Network Intrusion Detection support on all interfaces

- Configurable h323, irc, mms and pptp passthrough

- Configurable port forwarding

These features and benefits also seamlessly integrate with the 1st Call Mail Defender system.

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